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              ~~ PL *Dollyland Pupi Drupi ~~

                    This absolutely stunning boy "Harley" came all the way from Poland to be a part of our family. He is from Urszula of Dollyland in Poland.  

Harley is a seal bi color and is just such a beautiful and very big boy. He has it all !looks, personality, size, great boning and super eye color. He is a real charmer and is very eager to please . Harley is always willing to follow us around and loves to be a part of the family. He has a beautiful soft coat that he loves for us to touch ! We are so excitied to have this amazing boy !!

Thank you so much Ula for our very sweet charmer Harley !!                       


                   ~~ RW DGC RUBY RIDGE RAGS RIVIERA REGIS ~~

       TICA's Southwest region, regional winner 16th best kitten of 2013-14

TICA's southwest region, regional winner 17th best longhair cat of 2013-2014

     #1- Best Ragdoll kitten at the Ragdolls Around the World Congress, Las Vegas Nevada 2013

     #2-Best Ragdoll kitten at the Ragdolls Around the World Congress, Las Vegas Nevada 2013

 Regis is a glorious red lynx bi-color. He is our very own breeding from our beauty Starla Grace. Regis is a big handsome boy and is very tender hearted. He is always willing to please and is such a gentle giant. Regis is an amazing example of a Ragdoll from his big boning and size and sweet lovable temperment. His eyes are a lovely deep blue and he has a coat as soft as a kiss. He loves to play with toys and place them in the water dish, then fish them out ! He has enjoyed being a Vegas show boy.




                                                                                         ~~ADORABLEDOLLS JAXN OF RUBY RIDGE RAGS~~

 This Georgous boy Jaxon came to us from Stuart and Carol of Adorabledolls in Northern California.

Jaxn is a blue bi-color and has the face of an angel. He is as sweet as he is beautiful. Jaxn loves to pal around with the other kitties and is best buddies with Regis. Jaxn loves to play and always wants to be part of what is going on in the house. He loves to get chicken treats and is a good eater. His coat is whisper soft and his blue eyes are magical. Jaxn is a talker too !!

Thank you Carol and Stuart for our amazing boy Jaxn !!





                                                         ~~RUBY RIDGE RAGS SEA SIDE SKIPPER~~                                                                       

   Skipper is a blue bi color boy and is out of our very own RW SGC Ruby Ridge Rags Summer Skye. He is absolutely a stunning Ragdoll with that beautiful baby doll expression and large boning and exquisite feather like coat. Skipper is as laid back as a summer day and is a real doll. He loves to follow us around and always wants to be included in everything we do. He is a real show stopper with his lovable personality and charming good looks.                                                                                                     


















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